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How should I prepare for class?

Wear something comfortable, short sleeves shirts, shoes they can be washed. Clay comes out of clothes fairly easily. Glazing Day (the last session in our weekly classes) is the day you are most likely to stain your clothes.

We will have aprons available.

If you have long fingernails, trim them to avoid having them dig into the clay. 

You may want to bring a bottle of water or other beverage, and maybe a snack for half way through class if it is a longer session.

How many pieces will I make?

Weekly classes

Typically 2-10 things, depending on how much time you put into each creation and your class length.

One time sessions

As many as you want in the allotted time, usually 2-7 pieces, then you will pick a number for us to finish in a glaze color of your choice.

Two finished creations per person included with:

Clay with me, Sip n’ spin, 1 hour group sessions, slab parties.

Three finished creations per person included with :

1.5 hour private clay dates, 2 hour group sessions, one on one sessions.

How long will it be until I can pick up my pots?

For one time sessions- 4-6 weeks from the session.

For weekly classes- 1-2 weeks after the final class.

Please note that the nature of pottery is unpredictability and wait times may be longer due to a variety of technical difficulties. We appreciate your patience!

How will I know when my pots are ready?

We will send a message to the email address you provided at sign up. If you haven't heard from us about picking up your pots feel free to reach out!​

What are your hours for pottery pickup?

Tuesday 6-9PM

Wednesday 6-9PM

Thursday 6-9PM

Saturday 10AM-4PM

Sunday 1-7PM

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